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Read e-book The Shades of Toffee [The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee #4]

The strain of keeping their relationship secret is wearing on Hei and Misaki, and Misaki isn't sure how much longer she can ignore the fact that her lover is also the Black Reaper. When one of Hei's missions brings him into collision with Section 4, their trust in each other is put to the test. Will Misaki finally be pushed past her breaking point? His Smallest Fan by Shade the Hero reviews Sephiroth thinks about quitting his job as one of Final Fantasy's greatest villains, but through a simple act of kindness and the warm heart of a child he remembers what's really important.

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Idle Hands by OveractiveImagination39 reviews "Idle hands are the Devil's tools" could not be truer when referring to Szayelaporro Granz.

Star vs The FOE: Ludo's out, Toffee's in

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But it was bad when his idle imaginings of the perfect woman turned out to be so strong they tapped the magical plane and she came to life right before his eyes!

The Dream Girl [The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee #1]

You'd think that would be a miracle, but Marc found out otherwise! For, like so many "dream girls" since the dawn of humankind, his dream girl, Toffee, had a mind of her own—and a life of her own, too! The Virgin Mary - Revised No. And they moved swiftly off up the carriage. I stared at Dad, impressed by his ability to punch above his hue.

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But he was unconcerned by it all, and had closed his eyes in anticipation of a nap. The lime was beginning to get its own back, as small bursts of pink had started to appear on the periphery of my vision. He gave an imperceptible shrug. Good residency is about having the power to ask someone to do something, but not necessarily exercising it.

Impoliteness is the Mildew of mankind, Eddie. We stopped at Persimmon-on-River, where the Oranges alighted, a couple of Blues got on and a piano was delicately manhandled from one of the boxcars while freight was checked and loaded. We steamed out of there and ten minutes later passed Three Combs Junction, where we clattered over some points, banked to the right and then rumbled across a wooden trestle bridge to steam up a broad treeless valley.

Scattered herds of ground sloths, giraffes, kudus and bouncing goats were grazing but paid us little attention. The line shifted direction to the north and plunged into a steep valley of almost indescribable loveliness. The track ran alongside a cascading, rock-strewn river, and steep hills laced with oak and silver birch rose on either side, with kites wheeling over the limestone crags high above.

I stared out the window, my eyes searching for red as a ratfink stalks a squarriel. It was midsummer; we were past the welcome cascade of early orchids, and it was now the time of the poppies, sorrel and pink campions. Once they were done, the snapdragons and maiden pinks would sustain us until the end of the season, and it was in this manner that we Reds leapfrogged through the spring and summer on a frugal diet of seasonal blooms. Although better suited to Orange and Yellow eyes than ours, autumn was quite often a rapturous explosion of delights, if the leaves lingered on the branches long enough to be reddened by a fortuitous warm spell.

It was the same story for the other colors, to a greater or lesser degree. The Yellows had more seasonal bloom, Blues and Oranges had less. Greens, as they constantly reminded us, had only two Chromatic seasons: the abundant muted and the abundant vibrant. The magazine contained pretty much the same articles that it always did. There was an editorial extolling the functional simplicity of the color-based economy, and then, on pages two and three, graphically illustrated accounts of recent swan attacks and lightning deaths.

There were stoppage listings on the rail network and the Science Wild Conjecture page, which this week had an article that linked sun-spot activity to the increased fade-rate. But the first thing I read was always Spouse Mart—not because I was looking for a partner away from home, but because it gave a rough scale of prices in the the complex issue of the Chromatic marriage market, a subject pertinent to me, as Dad would have to cough up a fair bit of cash to see me married into the Oxbloods.

There were two types of ads. Some were from parents eager to offer a shedload of merits to marry off their children up-color, such as this one:. Handsome and helpful, with impressive feedback rating. Seeks Chromogentsia-plus family. Brings 4, merits and 47 sheep. Delivery negotiable, option to refuse retained. On the other side of the coin were parents willing to trade down-Spectrum in order to receive a shedload of merits, like this dodgy chap: Yellow Beta male Y: Feedback generally positive, healthy but not great looker. Mildly slovenly.

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  6. List of virtues on application. Seeking 8, merits or nearest offer. Any family considered. Furniture included. Partial refund if infertile. Coincidentally, I even found one from East Carmine, where we were now headed: yr female with strong Purpleness, 75 genuine virtues, hardworking and eager to please, Egg chit and excellent feedback.