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She hesitated before leaving, then grasped the golden chain hanging from the skeleton's neck. After being interrogated, Lucy was brought to the hospital while Lockwood was taken by the police for extra questioning. After an argument with George, he showed her an old news article about a girl named Annabel Ward , who was the ghost they encountered previously. Later, the trio was confronted by an irate Inspector Montagu Barnes , who criticized their lack of adult supervision and told them that Mrs.

Hope and her daughter were demanding a compensation worth sixty thousand pounds, of which DEPRAC would not be helping them.

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Despite Lockwood's optimism, they lost one of their cases, which George did not tell him about. That night, Lucy encountered Annabel Ward again, whose Source is apparently the necklace that Lucy grabbed from the skeleton. After being confronted by Lockwood and George about it the next day, Lucy noticed an inscription written in the pendant: Tormentum meum laetitia mea, which, as George found out later, roughly translated to " My torment, my bliss. Thinking that solving Ward's murder would give them the publicity they needed and help them raise money in order to save the agency, the trio eventually started researching about her; where they eventually found and suspected a man named Hugo Blake.

Lucy was then summoned to Scotland Yard to see Blake and was terrified when, despite the one-way glass, he looked directly at her and smiled.


After a brief argument with Lockwood, they discovered that someone was ransacking their place. Nothing was taken, however, on account of Lucy having taken the pendant with her before she left the house. Lucy is brave and, at some times, reckless; doing things before thinking it through. She is stubborn and tends to be judgmental towards strangers; though her loyalty to her friends is unwavering. She tends to be cranky due to lack of sleep, and like George, she tends to be snappy when talking; which is the reason why they leave all the talking to Lockwood.

Though being an agent makes her feel more confident and dignified, she seems to have qualms about her physical appearance, and at times feels out of place compared to other females. One of Lucy's most prominent traits, despite her slightly prejudiced nature, is her empathy; which is either an undertone of her personality or a drawback from her Talent.

During the events of The Screaming Staircase, she formed an unusual connection with the ghost of Annabel Ward. After experiencing what it was like to be Annabel Ward upon her death through the ability of Touch , Lucy felt a rush of pity and insisted on giving the dead girl the justice she deserved. While George tends to base his decisions on research and logic, Lucy follows her inner instincts, which are nearly always right. She is a good artist, often using drawing as a distraction. Lucy also tends to be easily flustered every time Lockwood compliments her, and is frustrated at her friend's secretive nature.

Lucy was the only survivor of the Wythburn Mill disaster all her fellow agents died horribly at the hands of a powerful Type 2 - a Changer that deceived the agents by at first appearing to be a minor Type 1 apparition ; this experience has hardened her to the rigours of ghost hunting, but sometimes makes her doubt herself.

I Love Lucy - Wikipedia

Lucy mentioned that she was growing into a tall girl with strong features--thicker set than she liked. Her dark hair was cut into a muti purpose, ectoplasm avoiding bob. She believed herself to be not pretty though, like her mother said, prettiness wasn't her profession. Lucy wore a dark blue, knee-length dress with a scooped neck to Penelope Fittes 's party. She thought it made her arms look fat and her feet to big, and she wasn't convinced about the way it clung to her stomach, but other than that she thought it was perfect.

Lockwood told her that she looked delightful. Lucy has extremely powerful Hearing , which is often interconnected with her Touch.

She has passable Sight , but Hearing and Touch are her strong side. Lucy is the only person aside from Marissa Fittes who has been able to fully converse with a Type Three. Not only that, Lucy is capable of communicating with all Types of Visitors, empathising with them and seeking to find their motivation to returning to this world.

She has intense emotional connections with them, a connection ground-breaking but risky. Lucy's power is so great it attracts Visitors, and they focus their attention on her whenever encountering the agents. This is extremely dangerous, because Lucy is a highly emotional teen who often has bursts of anger, frustration or sadness, which makes the Visitor stronger.

Lucy's Talents her superb Listening and her lesser ability in Touch. Unusually, she also seems to be able to empathise with Visitors, and his often manifests itself as the ability to pick up emotional content with her Talents. In extreme cases, this has led to her forming a psychic link with particular ghosts. I'm going to term this "psychic hyper-sensitivity", although its not called anything like that in the books, which only mention that she is highly attuned. Lucy is definitely special - she is the only person since Marissa Fiites herself, to converse with a Type Three Visitor.

Whiskey Chaser

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. George : " Can be a risky business being a Listener. There was that girl working for Epstein and Hawkes last year. Good ears, incredibly sensitive insight. But she got so freaked out by all the voices she heard, she ended up jumping in the Thames.

She didn't jump anywhere. The Creeping Shadow UK book cover revealed! ProfessorTofty wrote:[ My guess wo Hi there people! Categories :. Tilly lifted up on her tiptoes, her mouth almost brushing his. She held herself there, as if she was allowing him the opportunity to pull away from her.

But he knew that if he did, this would be the last time. The warm brush of her breath on his lips made his body jelly. Tilly closed the distance, her shoes dropping to the floor and her arms winding around his neck as their lips came together. Brayden walked her backward until her back pressed against the wall. He pressed his body against hers, his lips drinking her in.

His fingers worked their way into her hair, and he was undone with the feel of it sliding against his skin. Tilly let out a soft moan, and it was as if he could suddenly feel —really feel—again. Her sunshine broke through the clouds that had built up inside of him, his mind. The emotions swirling between the two of them were too strong to fight against. His arms wrapped around her tighter, pulling her closer.

Lucy Carlyle

She gasped his name, her breaths coming heavy and fast. He moved his hand to the back of her head and tipped her chin so he could trail kisses along her jaw. She sagged against him, and he felt strong in being able to hold her up—stronger than he had felt in weeks. She bracketed his face with her hands and brought their lips together once more, drinking him in.

This one was harder but beautiful still.

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He pressed his head against the cool metal. Check out this video and tell me what you think. Jace is in his early twenties, a catcher, and has a charming smile. I blinked several times. This healthy young man broke his neck?

What did Lucy do before her series begins?

So, being the curious author that I am, I asked for his story. He was so wonderful explaining the way the truck had gone off a cliff on an icy road, flipped over, and smashed him between the dash and the roof. He scrambled up the embankment and, after everyone else had been taken care of, allowed the emergency personnel to load him into an ambulance. His neck was indeed broken and he had two metal rods through his spine to hold it together.

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Not only would playing baseball be dangerous, he lacked the ability to rotate his arms to throw the ball. I asked him if I could use his story for the inspiration for this book. He readily agreed. This book has been in my heart for over a year. In fact, after the first Dating Mr. Baseball book came out, I had the title and plot for this one ready to go. It took a long time to get it to you because there was a lot of heart involved. I was a daydreamy kid and am the same as an adult. I live in a forest a ferry-ride from Seattle, and truly love where I live.

My family and our dogs regularly venture out for walks, rain or shine usually rain. I grew up in the area, but going into downtown Seattle always meant a fun day with family or friends. Enjoying the city with my writing friends was a special treat, mostly because they are all amazing women.

My favorite part of the trip was when Holly asked if there was a forest in the city that we could visit. I laughed, because forest…city…nope. Pretty sure not.