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Weiner-Davis grew up in New York City [8] along with two brothers. She has described her young childhood as idyllic, similar to the " Walton Family ". Weiner-Davis has two children, a son and a daughter, and has been married since During this time in her career, she believed that a separation was inevitable if one spouse had pre-determined that they wanted a divorce. In those situations, Weiner-Davis would counsel the couples on how to make the divorce easier on the family.

She was part of the group of researchers that made contributions in the field of psychotherapy to help develop what is known as Solution Focused Brief Therapy SFBT. After moving to Boulder, Colorado , she opened her second Divorce Busting Center where she continues to see individuals and couples as a marriage and family therapist.

It attracts thousands of people each day. Her free Open Messageboard web forums [31] gives the public a place and a way to communicate with Weiner-Davis and has become a place of last resort for many couples before they end up in divorce court. Weiner-Davis is a clinical member and approved supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy [36] [37] [38] Therapists from many countries come to the U. She is also involved in education and support in supplying advice for several online internet groups including Redbook , [42] Planet-Therapy.

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Erickson [52] [53] and their research from the Brief Family Therapy Center. A revised second edition of the book In Search of Solutions , which contained new material in the advances in the field of SFBT , was re-released in After years of experience in private practice Weiner-Davis came to the conclusion that in many cases divorced couples were merely exchanging one set of problems for another.

Weiner-Davis believed that far from the traditional fairy-tale notion of "happily ever after," successful marriages involve working through and surviving problems, setbacks, and conflicts to become stronger. The book used real life case examples of past experiences she had seen during therapy over the years in helping others to deal with personal problems caused by stress , depression and anxiety.

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The book was originally released in with the title Fire Your Shrink! This should not be called psychotherapy. It's a process of change, not introspection ". This book was written for women in an attempt to help women get through to their spouse more effectively. The book was undertaken after Weiner-Davis was inundated with telephone calls and letters from many women who said they were having this issue within their marriage and were seeking information to resolve the issue with their husbands.

SPARC Recommended Reading List

Due to the high percentage of couples in her practice who face betrayal, she developed a step-by-step program for rebuilding trust and reinventing couples' marriages. The book, though intended for the general public is considered a useful resource for the therapists who treat them. She also made two other guest appearances on the talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show , discussing how the innovative but simple methods of SFBT could save relationships and make marriages stronger, contending that a person did not need a degree in psychology in order to improve their marriage.

Weiner-Davis has also been involved in a reality based show for the BBC about helping couples save their marriages. In it Weiner-Davis describes how she could sometimes tend to focus more on technique as a young therapist and then how she eventually learned from those experiences with couples how to become a better therapist.

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Weiner-Davis received an award for Outstanding Contribution to Marriage and Family Therapy in from The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy , which represents the professional interests of more than 24, marriage and family therapists throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. According to their website, "the Impact Awards are presented to those whose research, books, political or grassroots action, leadership and brilliant reconceptualizations have given us new hope about reversing the epidemic of divorce and family breakdown".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michele Weiner-Davis. New York City , New York. February 21, Even though you're probably struggling with your emotions right now, you need to start thinking about the actual divorce. Don't worry though, everything is laid out for you so you can take it step by step. To help you prepare yourself for a divorce, you'll discover:. Divorce had very clear and useful information regarding the many things a woman needs to know before she sees a lawyer, and good advise for abused women. It was an excellent resource with information I have not read elsewhere and there forth do not know.

I've kept it on my laptop to refer back to as my divorce progresses. Thank you for writing this book. Patricia C. I liked the worksheets you included. They gave me a complete idea of what I was going to be working with in regards to money, and especially my living expenses as a divorced woman as compared to now, where my husband pays most everything. Dee Ann. Because you were an equal partner in the marriage, you deserve your fair share of the marital assets. By understanding the issues and knowing exactly where you stand, you can negotiate confidently and ask for what you deserve.

Plus, this woman's guide to divorce" outlines different negotiating strategies to help you split everything as painlessly as possible. I really liked the information that gave you, step by step, on what you need to do to make sure you get your fair share financially. It helped me be strong and stand up for my rights.

When you have children, there is more to consider than just who gets the house and how everything will be split. Divorce A Woman's Guide will help prepare you for the various custody arrangements and visitation issues so you can decide how your children's lives will be handled, not some judge. The included worksheets serve as a tool to help you draft a parenting plan that fits the needs of your children and your unique situation.

Having this well thought-out parenting plan will help avoid future conflicts with your ex and make life easier on your kids. This book is a must have at the beginning of a divorce. Things don't always go well for women as we often aren't as knowledgeable about the law and what can happen in a divorce. There was a lot of information regarding the children, which was excellent.

It's common for a woman's standard of living to go down after a divorce, but you can take steps to make sure you receive the amount of support you and your children deserve. Lets face it, raising kids is expensive, and both parents should share the financial responsibility. Divorce can help you understand what's important in determining both child support and alimony, as well as what your options are when the support payments aren't being made.

Women must take an active role in their divorces.

Wife gets 50% share in husband's property after divorce - India Law

If your husband is stalling the divorce process keep track and have your lawyer demand attorneys fees for the stonewalling. Most women's standard of living goes way down after a divorce whereas a man may suffer for a year or two. Therefore, a woman must fight for her future.

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In fact, most lawyers have many cases going at the same time and often use a legal assistant to do the majority of their work. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for the decisions made in your divorce. By getting the information you need beforehand, you can understand what your options are, gain confidence, and do what is right for you and your children. Aren't you worth it? Just open the book look for the answers.

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Don't try to read it all at once, but keep it as your bible to refer back to. Very good work. By knowing what your rights are, you can make smart choices and avoid the potential pitfalls of divorce. This guide will take you by the hand and answer all your questions! This highly informative book will leave you with a clear understanding of the options available to you when it comes to separation, preparing for divorce, the legal aspects of the divorce process itself, financial and property matters, family violence, custody arrangements, parenting plans, visitation and a whole lot more.

Tracy takes the time to point out no-nonsense tips on the do's and don't of divorce. Post-divorce paperwork issues that are often overlooked particularly the need to do a new Will are also covered. An absolute credit to the firm. March 21, See All 3 Reviews.

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Family Law Friend. Very professional service at a very big discount. Naomi is a very welcoming lady who goes to great lengths to ensure deadlines are met. I would certainly recommend this firm!! Thank you so much xx. October 7, See All 2 Reviews. Family Legal Solicitors. Lovely professional manner. Wonderful staff on reception. October 2, McAlister Family Law. October 3, See All 12 Reviews. Deen Wahid Solicitors. Excellent, professional service and my claim was handled really well by Isha. I would definitely recommend others to choose Deen Wahid Solicitors. August 4, See All 13 Reviews.